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Discover heart of Moscow

Dobryi den! - this is the way we greet in Russia and it will be a pleasure to tell it to you in person, our friend. Our travel agency for friends Otpusk 2.0 invites you to Moscow for the weekend you will never forget. Join our program “Discover heart of Moscow”.
Our purpose is not just to make an insight into our history and go sightseeng, but to let you feel Moscow city the way we Russians feel and love it - you will find out how we have fun, make business, the way we think, what we eat and drink etc. Our life in Moscow is very dynamic and these 4 days will be intensive as well.

Price per person 645 euro, flight not includide

Program (click here to download)

  • Flight to Moscow
  • Transfer to the hotel Godzillas Hostel or Godzillas - 2 Pokrovka (or others in Moscow city center)

  • Walking tour around Moscow 2.5 hours
  • Arbat excursion
  • Moscow metro excursion 1.5 hour
  • City Pub Crawl tour in the very center of Moscow

  • Breakfast in Cheburekcafe
  • Water bus trip from Novospasskiy bridge to Vorobievy Hills 1.5 hour
  • Excursion to Red Square and Moscow
  • Excursion to the roofs of Moscow building in the center 1.5 hour
  • Supper in a cafe, Russian cuisine

  • Digger execution along underground river “Secrets of underground Moscow” 3 hours
  • VDNKh: Best of soviet architecture and monuments, segway excursion 1 hour
  • Russinabaths (banya) Sanduny 2-3 hours

  • Russian cuisine master class
  • Bike tour in the Moscow center or Red October factory (Modern Photo Center upon request)
  • View point at 58 floor of Moscow City, dawn

It will be a pleasure for us if you choose us as your travel guide around Moscow. We speak English and are in touch 24 hours a day. We will show you the most interesting things and do our best, so you can get insight into Russian life, and the mysterious Russian soul.

We will be glad to answer your questions! Keep in touch with us here
Direction meneger Anna Zeibel: 89265004684 / mail: pochta@otpusk.travel

41 500 руб.
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Париж. Диснейленд. Счастье.

Тур «Диснейленд + Париж»: это целый мир, параллельный обычному, это придуманная реальность, четвертое измерение. подробнее
34 750 руб.

Детские парки-сказки Европы

Детские парки Финляндии, Швеции и Дании: Муми-Тролли, Юнибакен, парк Тиволи
45 350 руб.